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VPN for Matched Betting

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Gaining experience
Gaining experience
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VPN for Matched Betting

Thu Oct 28, 2021 12:14 pm

VPN and online gambling are not always the best of bedfellows. While some online bookmakers and betting sites permit you to wager with a VPN, many make it quite clear that this is not something they are prepared to allow. Why? In this article, we will explore the nature of VPNs, matched betting, and the situation surrounding using VPNs when gambling online. If you are ready to begin, read on to find out more.

Explain VPN to me...
For those who are not necessarily tech-savvy, a VPN is a piece of software that allows you to trick a website into believing that you reside somewhere else. Known as a Virtual Private Network, a typical VPN could be activated by a user in Japan and trick the website they are visiting into thinking that the user lives in Belgium. A player in Manchester could also use a local VPN to trick websites into thinking they were living in Stoke. Why would anyone do this, though?
There are lots of reasons why people use VPNs. One of the most common reasons nowadays is to get around geo-blocks, thus allowing you to view content reserved for residents of a country where you do not reside. However, VPNs are also common when engaging in matched betting. For instance, a player in a country where online gambling is illegal may use a VPN to mask their location, tricking the bookmaker into thinking that they are resident in a country where the sportsbook is legally allowed to operate.

Why Do Match Bettors Use VPNs?
Matched betting involves taking advantage of free bet bonuses offered by bookmakers by backing and laying odds. For instance, you could claim free bets at two quite different bookmakers and opt to bet on all outcomes of a match. In the case of “money back, if you lose” bonuses, you are guaranteed to win at least one of these bets, and you will get your stake returned on the other. This is highly controversial (borderline outlawed), as it essentially guarantees that you can transform free money into real money without risk.
One way that punters get around this is to claim an offer in their own country and then use a VPN to claim a similar offer at a bookmaker catering to players elsewhere. Alternatively, a VPN can also be used to change your location inside your own country. Most bookmakers permit just one bonus per household (IP address), but by masking your IP address and creating a new account, you can pose as two players at two distinct addresses and claim the offer twice. If you are confused, allow us to explain with an example:

Explain VPN Matched Betting to Me…
Manchester United are set to face Manchester City, and the odds are tight. The match could go either way. If you were to place a standard bet on one team or the other, there is no guarantee that you will win. However, if you were to claim a free bet money back bonus at a bookmaker, you could wager on Manchester United to win. If they win, great. If they lose or draw, you will get your money back. As you can see, there is no way to guarantee a profit...yet.
This is where the second free bet bonus comes into play. This will be available at a second bookmaker, and as you can only claim one bonus per household, you may need a VPN to claim it.
With your second free bet, you can place a bet on Man City to win. Your odds of success now look like this:
Free Bet at Bookmaker 1: If Manchester Utd wins, you will make a profit. If they lose or draw, you will get your money back.
Free Bet at Bookmaker 2: If Man City wins, you will make a profit. If they lose or draw, you will get your money back.
You will make a profit (with either bet) if any team wins. However, if you were to then take a third free bet at yet another bookmaker using your VPN, you could then bet on a draw, thus allowing you to cover all possible outcomes, guarantee a profit, and get your money back on any of the bets that did not pan out. This is the ultimate way to ensure wins every time. Naturally, you can see why bookmakers are strictly against the use of VPNs, as they are instrumental to matched betting strategies such as this working.

Is It Legal to Bet on Sports with a VPN?
As you can clearly see, most punters who use a VPN to wager on sports are typically doing so for fraudulent reasons. They will either be trying to access a casino or sportsbook that is not legally permitted to accept players in their country or will be trying to get around bonus limitations by posing as two players in different areas.
Bookmakers who accept players from regions where they should not are liable to be fined, lose their gambling license, or suffer from other punishments if they permit VPNs. Moreover, they could end up losing lots of money if players get away with VPN matched betting unchecked. For both these reasons - and to adhere to responsible gambling policies set forth by national gambling regulators and bodies - most bookies do not permit VPN use at their websites.
Irrespective of the real reason why a player might opt to use a VPN when engaging in matched betting, the outcome is usually the same - bookmakers will do their utmost to stop you from doing it.

How to Tell if a Betting Site Permits VPN Matched Betting
The best way to discover whether a betting site is going to permit matched betting with a VPN or not is to head to their terms and conditions page. First and foremost, a quick check of a bookmaker bonus terms and conditions will almost certainly reveal that they have a one bonus per household/IP address policy.
The main terms and conditions page, sometimes known as General Terms and Conditions, will likely indicate that players from specific countries are not permitted to play at the betting site. Moreover, there will likely be a lengthy section about the use of VPNs. If there is, and you opt to use a VPN when engaging in matched betting anyway, you could end up facing the music. Known punishments include the freezing of funds and termination of accounts. You may also be blacklisted from any sister sites run by the same operator.
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Re: VPN for Matched Betting

Fri Oct 29, 2021 2:05 pm

The tactics I have been using for years and the only safe ones are either;

1. Have an extra physical device always running in the designated country and access it remotely, using a service such as Teamviewer (has anybody used a phone with this, or only a laptop?)

2. Have a sim card from the designated country that gives affordable roaming rates in the country I will be in - this gives the home country IP address.

I have never attempted using a VPN thanks to the warnings here.

Please debate my post if anything about my tactics seem sub optimal.

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