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ArbUsers Talks
2017-10-04 23:44:42
Chipmunk: Sounds like a cute screwup :-)
2017-10-05 17:29:31
bettor45: hello doozy what means increased my limit from 2.5% to 6%. ?what is the 2,5
2017-10-05 18:02:27
doozy: 2.5% is the percentage of the maximum permitted stake I am allowed to bet in each market. So if the maximum stake was £100, I would be able to bet £2.50 with a 2.5% limit.
2017-10-05 18:03:40
doozy: I have been really unfortunate with 10Bet and won all of my bets there. Almost all of my arb money has ended up with them and I can now no longer place any bets without a trader's approval. Great timing as I won't get the money until Tuesday at the earlie
2017-10-05 18:47:36
poiupoiupoiu: BET365 CLOSE ACCOUNTS
2017-10-05 19:25:33
Kosmas89: if you cant arb anymore. just sell your betburger account to take some money back
2017-10-06 09:11:16
xajaker: you can still arb, there are other bookies there but just work harder
2017-10-06 09:28:26
doozy: NetBet are not letting me withdraw my money. I have explained that I am withdrawing because they will not allow me to place bets without a trader's approval and the traders reject all my bets. They are trying to convince me that there is no limit on my ac
2017-10-06 09:28:59
doozy: They are trying to convince me that there is no limit on my account and that everybody has a maximum bet of £0 in every market...
2017-10-07 11:28:45
poiupoiupoiu: How can I have more Bet365 accounts on more people???? How long last one Bet365 account??? I will pay rewards for people.
2017-10-07 12:23:08
bettor45: thanks for your answer doozy and i hope your problem be solved
2017-10-07 16:16:13
doozy: 188Bet at it again. Voided winning bets (decision was made once the outcome was known) when they weren't even offering the best odds on the market.
2017-10-08 11:51:41
MisterRodriguez: I stopped having access recently with the VPN i am using to 365,and i tested basically almost every VPN to enter in the betting site however the problem persists. Does someone have any suggestion of a VPN that works there?(you can send me over PM the name
2017-10-09 07:19:51
doozy: Ah 188Bet are still at it with stalling on withdrawals I see. They asked for a picture of my card showing the first four and last four digits. I sent it. They now want a picture showing the first six digits and the last four...
2017-10-09 12:34:14
Arbusers: Those WC2018 qualification rounds are treasure.
2017-10-11 18:19:51
ppintaluba: Hello Arbusers. Quotes on replies are not displaying correctly.
2017-10-12 16:27:13
Arbusers: I know. It is forwarded to our developers.
2017-10-14 19:12:00
doozy: 10Bet are refusing to return my money. They have blocked my account and are being very evasive via e-mail. It appears as though they are trying to pretend that my card belongs to somebody else despite having more than sufficient copies of various document
2017-10-14 19:12:27
doozy: copies of various documents to prove my identity. I may have to take legal action here.
2017-10-15 02:06:05
bookieslayer: Is there an option to save a thread for future reading? I see you can email it but more for onsite saving for easy referencing
2017-10-15 16:09:40
Arbusers: I m afraid there is no internal way of saving a thread.
2017-10-15 18:06:26
my_username: you mean like a bookmark? :)
2017-10-15 18:23:48
Arbusers: That is another thing, not internal.
2017-10-15 22:53:57
bookieslayer: No worries thanks
2017-10-16 16:52:17
doozy: I got my money back from 10Bet after telling them I would be taking legal action if it was not returned. They then told me that it is against their rules to threaten them with legal action, so they would be closing my account that I can't place bets with.
2017-10-16 20:04:51
Arbusers: OK, the important think is that you have your money back. Replace 10bet with someone else.
2017-10-19 19:00:56
Arbusers: I believe we will see some rapid developments for the smart gambling community in the coming days!
2017-10-19 19:42:15
doozy: I know SportingBet don't have a good reputation, but does anybody know if it's possible to see the maximum stake there?
2017-10-19 20:08:12
Kosmas89: in its not possible, also in most low leagues their limits are 150 max profit, if i remember corecctly
2017-10-19 20:08:50
Kosmas89: so no max stake button
2017-10-19 20:09:28
Kosmas89: arbusers, good developments i hope!
2017-10-19 20:12:53
doozy: It's much more than 150 for me, but then I have been arbing on the Europa League... It's annoying that they keep asking for my ID, verifying it and then ask for it again. Three times so far...
2017-10-19 20:12:54
doozy: It's much more than 150 for me, but then I have been arbing on the Europa League... It's annoying that they keep asking for my ID, verifying it and then ask for it again. Three times so far...
2017-10-19 20:14:07
Kosmas89: they are scammy bookie, take care
2017-10-20 14:04:00
doozy: Well they have verified my ID 8 times so far and they are still asking for it again. I think my account will be closed tomorrow.
2017-10-20 16:20:10
geomak: Thousands of euros per year, one account, still unlimited, paid everytime fast. You call it scam, i call it one of the best in greece
2017-10-20 16:32:23
Kosmas89: yeah but you dont arbing, but you use other tricks ;-)
2017-10-22 00:08:11
palindon: anyone tell me how i send a message to the administrators of arbusers
2017-10-22 00:12:19
palindon: need an email address please
2017-10-22 08:22:19
doozy: I am pretty sure that if a bookie chooses to void a bet, they cannot then change their minds after it goes on to lose right?