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Bookies discussion / Doxxbet ceasing operations
« on: July 27, 2017, 11:35:51 AM »
Doxxbet announced their cease of operations as of August 1st, 2017. Players should access their sportsbook accounts to withdraw their funds.
Doxxbet is considered to be a victim of regulations in Czech Republic and most recently Slovakia. I think I will miss them since they offered some good arbitrage action in the first years of operation. I m looking forward to see if people behind Doxx will move offshore or what ever their plans are.
Arbing and trading talk / Irregular arbitrage periods
« on: June 21, 2017, 04:54:03 PM »
For many years now I notice some irregular arbitrage periods during the season. During these periods, alert services are considered having poor performance and many of our members are complaining, experiencing low profitability and less arbitrage action, feeling that their time in front of the pc is hard. These are the periods when many arbers decide to try a 2nd or 3rd alert service that might work supplementary to the main one.
What are these periods?
1. Middle to end of October, some times extending to November.
2. End of February, beginning of March. This period might start when some championships start again after the winter break and might also coincide with the March Madness bonus period that was considered to be an excellent betting tradition of the past.
3. There is a 3rd period that affects value betting and not arbitrage. Arbitrage works perfectly but not value betting. Read some more about the end of season effect here:,4303.msg49619.html#msg49619

I discussed many times with very experienced players about periods 1 and 2, but we didn't manage to find a solid explanation. The 3rd period is something that needs to be further discovered.
Any views and opinions will be much appreciated.
ODDS4STATS / Odds4Stats (O4S) new value betting service
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:25:57 PM »
The time has come to inform you that Odds4Stats will be available this Friday March the 24th. This service is developed by experienced members of our forum, with the contribution of 12 beta testers, also members of our forum.
A huge database, envied by high street bookmakers, is becoming a tool for the user. Users will create their own strategies and will find their own unique ways to utilise the tool. Options are countless, waiting to be discovered. Arbing risks are minimised because players could plan their strategies using only Pinnacle, Betfair and likes. Users will not flock to specific odds and bookmakers.
This service will be offered to 20 of our members in a symbolic price for the next 3 days. In exchange O4S is only asking you to fill out the registration/application form. Those who are interested, are kindly requested to contact me via pm and they will be further guided. Beta testers and members with significant contribution to the forum will have priority.
Value is there, go get it.
Neteller / Changes in Neteller verification procedure
« on: March 15, 2017, 09:28:39 AM »
A lot of members reported some changes in Neteller verification procedure. There is an ongoing discussion here:,4850.0.html and here:,4580.msg56178.html#msg56178

Many Neteller users found these changes unpleasant to say the least and requested for some more information, as the use of e-wallets is critical to their business.

Based on what I get from Neteller, what our members are reporting and what my take is from the situation, I can say that FOR NOW, there is a discrimination between EU and non EU countries.

All new clients from non EU countries will have to send a selfie holding their ID card or passport next to their face. Clients from non EU countries who already have a Neteller account will be requested in the coming days to do the same. This will happen really soon.

If you are coming from an EU country and you already have a fully verified account, there is nothing for you to do at this phase and you can continue using your account like before. However, we believe this procedure will soon be implemented to clients from EU countries. In the coming weeks/months, all EU clients, new or old, will be requested to send the same selfie. It is our understanding and belief that especially for the EU countries, there will be some levels of verification and some real chances to avoid the selfie, if other verification requirements are in place. We are discussing these matters with our members who are referred to Skrill and Neteller by arbusers.

This new procedure started from Neteller but we believe it will be extended to Skrill as well soon.

Now I would like to carefully stress some facts. Verification and KYC procedures are very sensitive matters and must be addressed accordingly. Easy solutions and facilitations should be reviewed carefully by all involved parties as they could be deemed committing an offence and cause unpleasant legal obligations. We believe that there is a lot of liability attached in this matter.

The best way to go is keep your self educated and this is what we intent to do in this forum, like we always did.

You have to understand that this is a dynamic situation changing day by day. We are watching carefully.
Bookies discussion / Pinnacle coming back to the UK
« on: February 10, 2017, 01:10:37 PM »
I can inform the community that Pinnaclesports is coming back to the U.K. July 1st 2017, re-instating the old accounts and open for new business.
Rest Area / Double fix game.
« on: January 26, 2017, 08:23:23 PM »
Someone fixed a game, but players had different opinion. This is a Polish and a Romanian team playing in Cyprus. I would like to thank the member of the forum that brought this video to my attention.

Arbing and trading talk / Miss Universe, a new arbing event
« on: January 22, 2017, 01:55:45 PM »
It came to my attention a growing interest for the Miss Universe contest taking place 30th of January 2016 in Manila. I noticed a bigger number of bookmakers now offering various odds on this event, plus a bigger number of markets. The event is relatively new in the arbing scene and live betting might offer a thrilling experience similar to Eurovision's song contest. However, volumes are expected to be far less compared to Eurovision.
Dont say I didn't warn you.
Bookies discussion / WillHill and 'customer friendly' results
« on: January 13, 2017, 06:29:15 AM »
Philip Bowcock, Interim CEO, commented: ''Importantly, the improvements we saw in wagering in Online and Australia in the second half have continued in recent weeks. However, all four divisions saw customer-friendly results at the back end of the year, which translated into profits being c£20m below our prior expectations.''

Let's see who will pay for this.
Announcements / Happy New Year 2017
« on: December 31, 2016, 12:55:38 PM »
We wish you good luck and success with everything you do. May 2017 be the best year of them all.
Thank you.

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Announcements / Arbusers 6th anniversary
« on: December 29, 2016, 10:24:21 PM »
December 30th. Arbusers forum celebrating its 6th anniversary.
I wish our forum meets your expectations and you found value here that was capitalised accordingly.
I would like to thank you all.
Arbing and trading talk / Captain's log 2016
« on: December 27, 2016, 04:06:57 PM »
I meant to do this since years ago but various factors were stopping me each year. The use of the word Captain has no intention to imply that I m the chief or the leading character of this community that expands beyond this forum. I hope I will be able to post a similar review each year so we can all have a time lapse of the smart gambling scene. Also, I encourage all of our members to post their opinion and thus contribute to my effort.

Now allow me to expand a little bit in the main forms of arbitrage and smart gambling and see how they performed during the year.
- We have seen the death rattle of pre game arbitrage. The vast majority of the bookmakers will limit/ban players that will dare to have arbitrage action with them. We came to a point where the allowance of such action from a bookmaker rises reliability questions. Additionally, several bookmakers are adopting aggressive payment policies against such players, delaying or even canceling payments. These policies are based on the hypothesis, that the average punter will not pay a 400 £/hr lawyer in order to get his/her money back and will opt for a complete surrender. A number of punters that took legal help had their money back before going to a UK or a Maltese court. This fact shows the extremely poor business ethics dominating the industry.
- Because of the hostile environment around pre-game arbing, a number of people moved to live arbitrage that proves to be more resilient. This move took place gradually and it became the dominant trend from 2009 until 2016. Live arbitrage guarantees that bookmaker’s accounts will last more and will offer a better profit/hour outcome than pre-game arbing. On the other hand, it has some very harsh characteristics such us extremely work stress and void bets. Successful live arbitrage players, had to do their very first steps on pre-game arbitrage in order to understand the mechanisms and make their brains spin around this concept. It seems that bookmakers are starting to realise that they are losing money from live arbing and they already took some first steps to cease or limit this kind of action. I expect bookmakers to adopt more hostile action against this kind of players, but the overall situation shows that live arbitrage has  more way to go and more profits to give.
- 2016 was the year that made value betting the new accelerating trend. A brooklet that became a stream, soon to become a river. Clever software providers understood this trend and they now offer new products in the market, unimaginable 2-3 years ago. Alert services also understood that there is something new in the market and they already react accordingly. We now see bots that compare prices according to their criteria and they place their bets in already limited bookmaker’s account with good success. The key is the right selection of criteria and  bookmakers. Bookmakers understood that bots are now working against them and they counterattack by changing their terms & conditions, ordering new softwares to their software providers and adopting aggressive payment policies. We are only in the beginning of the trip of value betting and the inventiveness of smart players already thrives. I expect bookmakers and exchanges to bleed before they come up with good ideas on how to stop this kind of action.
- The crown of all smart gambling action remains the arbitrage among sharp books only with the use of bots. This extremely limited number of people operating in this field, are staying in the shadow enjoying the fruits of their ingeniousness, strolling with their dogs at the forests at the very moment when all the others are heart beating in front of their pc.
- Casino advantage gamblers are also facing challenges, as bonuses are getting lower and several casinos are not offering the complete range of services to e-wallets depositors.

I mentioned before the extremely poor business ethics in the industry. A well known exchange, constantly demonstrating its (hypothetical) potential to remove betfair from the top, decided to stop cooperation with several affiliates, cutting several trees that were generating profits for all parties (the exchange, affiliates, players). Another exchange focusing on American markets is also removing players from affiliate trees, or altering the nature of any cooperation with poor or no justification. I am now in position to say, that all exchanges with no exception are looking for ‘’happy losers’’. This is a phrase used by their top managers and strategists. Arbitrage action is indeed providing a lot of revenue for them, but they are looking for ways to make more money by transforming arbers and smart gamblers to long term losers. Mathematics are not on their side and my estimation is that in the end all parties will lose from this.

Another fact is that arbitrage and smart gambling volumes are now taking a bigger part of the pie and this trend is accelerating. As a result bookmakers and agents that used to welcome sharp action are now reducing their risks and subsequently the offered wager limits to sharp players.

The (de)regulation of the markets continues and will continue. During 2016 the Romanian market was vanished in the same way and speed that we have seen in other markets these last years. Some Romanian players are still in the game, but their number is not comparable with what we have seen in the good old years.

E-wallets are becoming more expensive and they will continue in this way for as long as there is no competition. Cash will become even more scarce and expensive. This lack of competition is touching everyone, bookmakers, players and the e-wallets. I hope that everyone wakes up before banks or a Hawala system take all the volumes from the table. These dangers are real and present.

Thankfully, we didn't monitor any major collapse of a bookmaker, the same way we did for GoBetGo during 2014-15.

The best arbing events of the year were the US elections, the EU referendum in the UK and the Eurovision song contest (in this order).

Thankfully, the UK voted for Brexit creating good perspectives for gambling in general. Lets hope that it will remain an oasis outside Europe. The UK will have to enforce policies that will help business while the European straightjacket will continue (de)regulating markets in a Soviet style. Speaking of the UK, there is a big expectation that Pinnacle will get back soon.

Governments, bookmakers, exchanges and e-wallets become more and more greedy, (de)regulating markets and implementing policies and tactics against all players successful or not, disguising their insatiable thirst for taxes and profits behind the moral curtains of responsible gambling, tax evasion/avoidance and money laundering. There is no doubt that this phenomena are present in the gambling world, but putting everyone in the meat grinder is unfair, undermining genuine successful long term actions.

We all know that it is very difficult for a newbie to get in the game and remain in green ground. I mentioned the problems that bookmakers are creating, but additionally, it is the older guys not allowing anyone else to breathe. The older guys, being well positioned, having the weight of money on their side, are taking a bigger part of the pie before anyone else. Thus, newbies will have to try even harder in order to keep their nose above the water. The environment is getting hostile for the older guys also, as this year many reported that they didn't have a personal best. It seems that 2015 was the best year for them. Some kept this momentum until the summer of 2016, with the World Cup and the Olympic games.

The situation is deteriorating by the attack of locusts. These are a group of players under the guidance of 2-3 bigger guys that kill the cow who feeds us all. These groups are attacking to any possible source of profit in order to suck as more capital as they can in very short time. As a result, many sources of profit are already dried up when they had an excellent potential to feed a lot of people very generously for a longer time period. This is a very disappointing phenomenon and a major threat for the arbitrage and smart gambling world. It shows that the younger generation of smart gambling lacks of the noble characteristics that we have seen previously.

2016 was another difficult year added in the chain.

I wrote this annual review in good will, hoping that it will contribute to the understanding of this very particular field of arbitrage and smart gambling.

Thank you for reading.
Bookies discussion / Player's risk score starting from account registration
« on: November 14, 2016, 04:50:08 PM »
I had the chance to speak with an industry insider the other day. Don't ask for the name or his position in the industry. The guy is very deep.
Among other things he told me the following. Bookmakers are now rating players starting from registration. Every player is getting a risk score, something similar to the credit score that banks give to their clients. The procedure is fully automated and that is why many players find their accounts limited or blocked even before bet #1. Even if your account is not flagged for any reason, the procedure is dynamic and it follows your account at any step you take, adding or extracting points to your score. As we all know the bets that we place are more than enough to flag us as arbers or dangerous players. Our guy revealed that even the pages of specific markets that we visit within the bookmaker is contributing to our score. For example, if you go to the page where French league 2 is displayed, and if there is an arb there during the time of your visit, this is enough to contribute to your score, even if you don't place any bet. The bookmaker assumes that you were ready to place a sharp bet, but you found a better price somewhere else. A visit in their casino website would contribute positively to your score, not to mention if you play some baccarat there. Somewhere along the (short) way, all available to the bookmakers data bases will contribute to the profiling of the player and this leaves space for exchange of information among bookmakers. We have seen and discussed this before in this case:,2222.0.html Manual work looking for information from other sources, comes at the end of the account life span when bookmaker has to pay winnings. Many bookmakers claim their screening of each player is building the full profile before bet #3.
A limited number of bookmakers with limited resources or/and lack of market knowledge or/and will to scam players, will not pay attention to this kind of screening and might use more traditional ways to reduce risks, before taking more aggressive measures against players.
Hoping that this will help us to understand the industry as it is today, I would like to remind you a relevant post I made some years ago:,2550.0.html
Bookies discussion / 1xbet info requested
« on: November 11, 2016, 09:11:41 AM »
Could someone provide credible info about 1xbet bookmaker?
Thank you.
Announcements / Beta testers needed
« on: October 08, 2016, 04:26:38 PM »
There is a small group of people, members of our forum, that developed a new value betting tool. The tool is based on a large data base. I believe it will bring a small revolution to the value betting world, as the need for soft bookmakers is almost minimized and profits keep coming even when no arbs are enabled in action.
I tested this tool these last 2 months and I contributed with my insight and advise. The owners are requesting that a larger number of people try this tool before it gets out in the market. That said, 5-10 of our members are needed to try this out, and then contribute with their advise and insight. So far, minor bugs and errors were spotted, and there is hope that these people will be able to spot even more. They will be granted with full access to the service and will have the chance to try out this tool before anyone else. They should be considered as taking the foremost position in this race.
Those who are interested should have a good knowledge of value betting, experience in the betting world, significant contribution to the forum, and will to contribute even more with their insight in the development of the tool.
You have to keep in mind that due to the nature of the tool, you will have to invest time to explore it;s features. Being a successful bettor, you know that effort is rewarded.
Waiting for your pm.
Thank you in advance.
I found these 2 graphs in twitter and thought would be food for thought.
Original sources: SecretBettingClub and Joseph Buchdahl

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