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CAn you make something to allow us bet on clones simultaneoulsy? For example, Id like to bet both on / Could you make this happen ?

We have a button next to the odds which can take you to the clone you want.
Is there something wrong with it? 
UPD: The service is functioning normally. The issue on the side of the data center was eliminated.

The problem was with data center.
We have contacted them and they have already fixed the problem.
Betburger have technical problem. When will problem fixed?

Yesterday night we had some problems with our hardware, data integrity was violated. Last arbs missing involved data restoring. For now we have completed all global work.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Since it is a valuable and easy thing to add, i was wondering why the 1 month period on this is not enough already though.

The problem is that they don't have a redirect to  the betslip now, just to the event.
If you have link to get it redirected to the betslip, please send it to us via and we'll add it.
Did you just artistically reply to half part of my question and then avoided it completely ?

We've answered you that if there is such a possibility, our developers will surely add redirect to the betslip.
We haven't written anything till now as there is no news for today.
As soon as there some information, we'll let you know.
Am I the only one getting this error from bet365?
Probably it is not betburger problem, but that's the software I used and saw this error. From 5 computers.
Anyone knows a fix?

If we've understood the problem right, you've just been signed out. Try to sign in again.
If the problem remains, contact Bet365 support as we have nothing to do with this problem.
Mybet used to have a betslip on Burgers, so my first question was there is no betslip anymore !

When are you going to add this again then ?

If there is such a possibility, we'll do that.
I would be interested too in the addition of or any of the other clones to your service. Could you please inform us what decision you made? Whether you are going to include it or not, and when?

Thank you

Thank you for your offer. We will surely consider it but in the near future can't add it.
Where is the betslip shown please ?

The redirect takes you to the event, not to betslip.
Can you please post a relavant print screen here so i check it ?

Redirect is working properly. In this case, German IP adress.
So you added newmybet without betslip redirection ? You have become very annoying as a service. Tonybet is dead, Goalbet too and now betslips are missing here and there.
Why dont you lower your monthly fees when you stop supporting that many occasions ?

Mybet redirect is working properly.
Maybe the problem is with your location.
Try to change your vpn or use different ip.
Any chance to have goalbet back again?

For now it's impossible, maybe only after a couple of months.
Hi Betburger, what happened to 888 sports betslip redirect?

Scanning mechanism was changed.
We hope tomorrow it should be fixed.

Please, check it out right now.
It should work okay.
If still have problems, please send us a screenshot or a video of the problem.
Hi Betburger, what happened to 888 sports betslip redirect?

Scanning mechanism was changed.
We hope tomorrow it should be fixed.
BetBurger / Re: - Your ideas, propositions and conserns!
« on: April 27, 2017, 08:29:57 AM »
hi betburger, could you please add ladbrokes belgium / australia / spain to your bookmakers?

as you surely already know, ladbrokes odds are equal to coral odds now, but their subsidiaries keep the same odds as before: ladbrokes australia, ladbrokes belgium and ladbrokes spain (called sportium) have the same odds the three of them, but different to ladbrokes/coral odds

maybe you will tell me to add it to propositions, but as I see it there isn't even need for that. I am sure this will be very important for your customers in these 3 countries. it surely would be useful for me and some others are also already requesting it

thank you

Thank you for your offer.
We'll surely mind your suggestion.
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