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Author Topic: MYBET PROBLEMS(BEWARE)  (Read 995 times)

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« on: November 04, 2014, 10:21:10 AM »

Hello! I made a deposit to mybet yesturday, I was placing two bets on NBA and NHL. To my suprise the limit for those bets were €50. Today when their chat was open I asked if there was a reason for this low limit on main markets, and if there was anyway to increse the limit(sending documents, bank transfer). To my suprise I got the answer

"I regret to inform you that we have currently a technical issue. Unfortunately , I cannot tell you at the moment if the funds will be refunded to you player account or if the bet will take place."??

So their whole market is open for bets but players don't know if they will get paid or refund. I still have one open bet with them and Im guessing it will get void if it wins..
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