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Re: Time of placing a value bet
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Rooster - by that you mean to say that you can observe 'where the money comes from'? And I mean this: is there a tool that will allow you to know the times, evolution and amounts of bets on each side (let's say in betfair, in pinnacle), or you just get to see the global volume? I did ask some of this in another thread with not much success (hehe), so any info about useful tools is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry for late answer barbero, just noticed it. Apart from tools Rooster suggested for bookies in BF you can see on which side money goes using something as simple as geeks toy

warning: I guess it will not work, because Betfair doesn't show correct statistical tool. One day betfair will show correct statistics and that day will be the end of the world.
I use it as one of the signals while trading. For that purpose it's accurate enough. I must admit I've never tried to find out whether it's accurate to every penny...
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