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live alert service

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« on: November 07, 2016, 12:09:06 AM »

Hello a lot of people use alert services for live arbing .I am also do live trading and am thinking about live arbing from alert sevices.Some answers to these good questions will help to decide..

Are you happy with live alert services ?You gain a lot of time from finding arbs from alert sevices despite finding on your own ? 
These services do not show arbs between exhanges and assians ,because all we will be millionaires right?What you find in your own..
In these live arbs there is big delay (5 seconds)?This means that in most of times you will catch the bet or the arb will dissapear before betting?
And the most important if you bet a live arb from alert service you will be limited much faster(because a lot of people bet the same) than betting a live arb finding your own,right?Live betting from alert service will  limit you account faster than betting your own live arbs or is the same?
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