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arbitrage information
« on: April 14, 2016, 12:44:16 AM »

Hello everyone!! My name is john and i'm 28 years old.I desperately need some help and i believe that this place is the my best chance of getting some answers.The last 9 months i thinking of start out as an arbitrer.I've come a long way searching and learning many things about the whole job,but i'm afraid i still have some prety basic questions unanswered.I gather some 2000 euro starting budget,open account in 13 bookmakers. Also i have bank accounts in greece-cyprus-london,,,finally i manage to find 7 different locations and different ip's and computers.I use the oxybet services and when the time is right i thing i'll pay oddstorm.I'm ready but i need to know some things about bookmakers,bonuses and e-wallets,if someone is interested i'm looking for a guy to make this together and have share profits,i don't have experience with this,i'm just a good planer.I need someone that really knows about arbitrage to help me out before i loose all my hard earning money experimenting with all these crazy/strict bookies   ;)  Thank you very much for your time and sorry for my poor english.If someone interested i will give him my mail or phone......or you can find me in my Facebook.
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Re: arbitrage information
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I had to modify the original post to a large extent in order to keep it within legal limits and protect the poster and the forum. I hope you all guys understand.
Thank you.
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