beginner from Australia- would love advice

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Author Topic: beginner from Australia- would love advice  (Read 2853 times)
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beginner from Australia- would love advice
« on: November 10, 2016, 01:28:45 PM »

Hello to all experts out there. I have been reading up on arb trading for a while now and its very appealing, and it seems like something I would be interested in starting up. It has opened up a whole new world to me! I hear many fail, but I WANT to do it properly.

About me:
I live in Australia, so if anyone living here that knows whether or not it’s too difficult based in Australia to properly do……. please, pleeeease I would appreciate your 2 cents and knowledge.

I work fulltime, so before I continue on this quest- is it possible to do this ‘on the side’ of a full time job?

I currently only have 3 viable accounts for Bet365, Ladbrokes and SportsBet

I have some basic questions that hopefully are easy to answer. It may be a bit lengthy, but if you’re enthusiastic about helping a beginner to learn more, then please spray your wisdom all over my brain.

1. Software to use?
Keeping in mind I am a total beginner with my approximate bankroll to start at around about $1000-$2000 (and to hopefully grow overtime). I have read that bookies can easily pick up on people using free software trials, and are best to be avoided to ensure I don’t get ‘flagged’ and grubbed. True or not? Should I go to a paid version from day 1??

2. Bookmakers?
As stated earlier I only use three bookies currently (obviously no where near enough to arb effectively). My question is, how many book maker sites will I have to join to make my time effective?? 10? 20? 80? That’s a lot of accounts to set up!! (but hey if I have to do that, ill do it).

3. As I live in Australia, what limitations do I have on bookie markets and signing up to different bookies??

4. E-wallets. How do they work? I hear you can avoid transfer/withdrawl fees via these?? As do they some how sync with your specific Arbing software?- please explain.

5. any advice for a novice starting out??
I plan to take on all advoce and knowledge presented to me, as well as continue to read articles and follow forums to educate myself, but id like to know what your biggest hurdle was when starting out??- im also afraid of bookies blocking or restricting me, but I hear this is inevitable, so I guess what is your advice for staying under the radar.

Sorry for the easy but I want to get really into this.

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Re: beginner from Australia- would love advice
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2016, 03:14:36 PM »

i may add that im not looking for a hand out, and realise this is hard work and based on personal trial and error. i can respect the fact that experts here will have made their own success, which i intend to do myself also.... but any push in the right direction would just be greatly appreciated.

I will be reading previous threads and posts for weeks/months/years to come to continue learning as much myself as possible.

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Re: beginner from Australia- would love advice
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2016, 05:04:34 PM »

Hi Bob,

Don't know if I can answer properly to all of your questions, but some other guys will surely help us out. Just to outline some basic facts:

I believe you can ABSOLUTELY do it on the side. Totally go for it. You will have time in the future to decide whether you prefer to go for it full time or not, but you can certainly make it either way. Of course, as long as dedicating most of your free time to arbing is OK with you...

I would go for free services to start with. Betbrain, Oddsportal, and there's some other decent ones. After you've gained some experience (in 1-2-3 months?) you can pay for services.

You will have to join as many as books possible. You will get limitations and need to set up new accounts constantly. That's life! 3 bookies is far too few but it's OK if you want to start real slow, which isn't a bad idea if you are absolutely new to betting and don't know, for example, how to search in bookies' webs. If you already know the basics, such as types of bets and their meaning, etc, you can start with some more bookies or you'll soon be bored.

Australia is I think a great place for arbing. You have little restrictions as far as bookies access is concerned. But aussies here in the forum will know better than I do. You guys apparently also have some pretty interesting shops.

I wouldn't know how to avoid e-wallets fees... but I'd sure love to hear about it! ;)

Do check this one out,2225.0.html

Good luck mate!
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