Irregular arbitrage periods

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Irregular arbitrage periods
« on: June 21, 2017, 04:54:03 PM »

For many years now I notice some irregular arbitrage periods during the season. During these periods, alert services are considered having poor performance and many of our members are complaining, experiencing low profitability and less arbitrage action, feeling that their time in front of the pc is hard. These are the periods when many arbers decide to try a 2nd or 3rd alert service that might work supplementary to the main one.
What are these periods?
1. Middle to end of October, some times extending to November.
2. End of February, beginning of March. This period might start when some championships start again after the winter break and might also coincide with the March Madness bonus period that was considered to be an excellent betting tradition of the past.
3. There is a 3rd period that affects value betting and not arbitrage. Arbitrage works perfectly but not value betting. Read some more about the end of season effect here:,4303.msg49619.html#msg49619

I discussed many times with very experienced players about periods 1 and 2, but we didn't manage to find a solid explanation. The 3rd period is something that needs to be further discovered.
Any views and opinions will be much appreciated.
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