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rebelbetting product review
« on: June 26, 2017, 08:10:32 AM »

My Honest review of Rebelbetting
This is my review, perhaps others have a different view, but this is my true reflection of what I think of this product.
I've used betonvalue, oddstorm, betburger and rebelbetting and some others, so I have a very good idea of what I'm comparing.

Rebelbetting is the worst out of the 4!
Its probably one of the bottoms of the arb finder list. It was the first service I used, I found it before this site from oddsportal.

# 1 ) Rebelbetting  Payments
After some time, its not clear that you are paying month by month for the service.
In addition to that, there isn't anywhere you can easily login to check your subscription status.
Go to the homepage and you will see the (my account and login) pages don't exist.
Perhaps this is a way to generate more money.

My rebelbetting account was showing expired and limited to 1% and months later I find its active.
Months could go by, where you are actually paying for this service and don't realize it.

# 2) Bookmakers
They are featuring clones of other bookmakers, so you are potentially making arbs with the same organisation
A larger proportion of the bookmakers on rebelbetting  are dangerous such as 1xbet.
I even sent the owner info about these bookmakers and he said that other users have had no problems.

# 3) rebelbetting is an installed application
So that means, you  are forced to use it to machines where you installed it on.
All the other 3 services above don't have this problem and are web based, so you can use it from anywhere.
You are also forced to use Windows because of this, which means if you are running linux, you have to create virtual machines.
To be honest its not very light either, my vm is constantly running hard just trying to keep up with the demands of this program.

# 4) The matches shown are for the majority little backward leagues, so all you need to do is place 1 bet and you will be limited.
There is no way to filter out these minor leagues, like in betburger.

# 5) Their might be 3 arbs, but they are coming up as 100 different arbs. Its not possible to group these arbs
There are soo little arbs compared to other services, the quantity is poor.

#6) Most of the arbs are gone within seconds and are not even arbs.
This makes it so frustrating where you waste soo much time trying to verify an arb and rebelbetting is one of the worse offenders.

#7) Its not the fastest arb service either,  as noted the arbs are already gone.

#8) Most of the people on here, are desperate to get rid of their rebelbetting subscriptions realising they made a big mistake.
Paying big money for months in advance and rebelbetting will not care.

9) I've had arbs, where the arb is not even an arb, like wrong teams

10) The options on rebelbetting are limited, if you compare it to other applications such as betburger, its well limited.
You can't individually set odds for bookmakers.

All in all, if you want to use rebelbetting, just ensure you trial all the other services first before you make a decision.
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