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« on: August 25, 2017, 03:24:36 AM »

Does anybody use this bwin clone? I have had my account permanently closed for winning one of their promotions.

They are running two promotions at the moment. One involves you having to bet 5€ worth of bets every day for a month. Everybody who manages this gets 50,000€ divided between them.

The one I won involves picking results for ten matches. Six correct results gets you 1€, seven 2€, eight 5€, nine 1500€, ten 10,000€. The last two are divided amongst the winners. To qualify for this promotion, all you have to do is place any bet after submitting your predictions.

After I won 9/10 and there was only the Rijeka v Osijek game left (I needed Osijek to win to have 10/10, which happened), they permanently closed my account to avoid paying out.

I have asked them what they intend to do about it, but all I get back from them is that they can close accounts whenever they want to and it's all in their rules.

I'm sure that scam competitions like this where you are not allowed to win breach some law...
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