Social Media Management Tool for Digital Marketer

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Social Media Management Tool for Digital Marketer
« on: April 08, 2019, 08:55:05 AM » is the best way to automate your all social media efforts, day-to-day posting, A/B testing and optimization. So having one streamline inbox for the tool. Through this, you can upload whole of tweets or post as once but also manage them. It brings all the automation you need to schedule your social media content. It got the best features from all available scheduling tools in one place so you don’t have to be confusion amongst many options available.

POWERFUL FEATURES apart from scheduling are:
1) Bulk Upload feature from a CSV file. Imagine scheduling months of content, with a single click.

2) Auto post content via RSS feed:
Auto-sharing of content by watching a Blog Post and appending custom text too, for example watching Social Champ's blog and sharing at-max 1 article/day on my twitter appending a text 'via @SocialChampSays'

3) Repeat on Twitter & Facebook:
Asking users the 'x' number of times and the time gap between repeats, on twitter, we give two creative options, either they can delete their previously posted tweet or, chose the option of auto-retweeting this previous tweets. We show grouped analytics that separates the clicks of each repeat too. ON Facebook we repeat and give the option of 'hiding the previous post from timeline' so the account doesn't look spammy.
Note: We have internal rules to ban users who use this feature to spam

4) Repost, from Bulk Upload, this will allow users to post the same post again, 'Weekly', 'Monthly' or 'Yearly'. You can also make 'Yearly' posts 'Forever', for example wishing birthdays, Christmas posts, etc.

This tool is available with 14 days free trial and then the paid version starts with as low as 10$/mo.
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