Live arbing in rappidly changing markets

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Author Topic: Live arbing in rappidly changing markets  (Read 475 times)
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Live arbing in rappidly changing markets
« on: February 20, 2020, 11:36:19 AM »

Hello fellow arbusers.

Im curious how others place their live arbs on rapidly changing markets to reduce the risk of a sudden change in odds.
It is easy with O/U in football, but in hockey, basketball and tennis it's another story.
Do you simply bet first on the soft side/where you believe the value is? or do you place the first bet on the most likely thing to happen? Or maybe only on small ''breaks''?

This also lead me to another question.
Do anybody know where to watch/stream live events without delay? (I would be willing to pay if there is zero delay)
I usually livestream from bet365, but they far from cover all the markets that I am interest in. Football and Hockey are the sports I am most interested in, but other markets would abe useful as well.

I hope someone can enlighten me :)
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