ArbMate Review 2023

ArbMate Review 2023

ArbMate – Review by Arbusers

ArbMate was founded on 1st of July, 2018 and it something like a mix of the best parts from all other arbitrage betting softwares and software’s and many original and useful functionalities in addition. It’s a web based app and could be used on all browsers.

Most arbitrage bettors are choosing ArbMate because of its fast odds update (especially for Live – each second) rate and pricing policy for their sports betting. This is the only service so far where you could pay for only what you want to use. You are no-longer obligated to pay for functionalities or bookmakers that you don’t want to use which is a common practice for all the other alert services so far.

ArbMate – General Information

ArbMate’s big range of supported bookmakers makes it very convenient mostly for the European, Russian and Asian market. It has more than 12 supported languages and betting markets.

The offered services are currently Surebets, Middles and Polish Middles, all for both Live and PreMatch. It has navigation with deep linking and navigation with Chrome extension which is way more advanced and useful and is 100% acting as a normal user (clicking step by step to the end point – the selection of the odd), which guarantees you that the bookmakers can’t catch you because of it.

  arbmate review screenshot  

The Odds Navigator is a Google Chrome extension that is automatically leading you to the event page, selects the odds, enters the amount and even opens an arb calculator window on the bookmaker, prefilled with the selected arbitrage information for faster calculations.

You can navigate your local computer absolutely for free or to purchase advanced navigation that navigates unlimited number of computers and virtual machines with a single ArbMate account at the same time.

  arbmate interface

ArbMate – Subscriptions

ArbMate offers weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription types. Each subscription includes access to unlimited arbitrages for Surebets, Middles and Polish Middles and access to the navigating functionalities (deep linking and Odds Navigator for one device).

Each subscription includes access to the default bookmakers Bet365, Pinnacle and Bwin. You can swap one bookmaker for free once per 30 days. After buying one of the subscriptions mentioned above you can add more bookmakers to your list.

People with 12 months subscriptions could suspend once per year their subscription for free.

  arbmate subscription plans

ArbMate – Request Trial

If you have an active subscription, no matter of the duration, you could request access to 5 bookmakers by your choice for 24 hours. Only one trial is available per user.

ArbMate – Review Summary

Having ArbMate’s speed as an advantage and using the odds navigator gets you 2 steps ahead of all other alert services members, because first – you will see the arbs before them and second – the odds navigator will do the entire job and will select the odd and even enter the amount for you for less than a second. One more advantage is the cheap subscriptions, which makes it perfect for beginners and gives another boost for the advanced bettors. They are consistently adding new filters to make your arbing experience better and the support team welcomes people from all over the world. ArbMate is expecting you!


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