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12bet abandoned game - bets voided = refunded

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Gaining experience
Gaining experience
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12bet abandoned game - bets voided = refunded

Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:53 pm

Hi guys,

The game is "Anorthosis - Dila Gori" and as you probably know the game was abandoned in 83 minute because of stupid crowd that run on the pitch I guess.

Now let me know to explain my problem :

I bet in-play at score of 0:0 on OVER 2.5 and as you probably know the score was 0:3 in the moment game was abandoned (83 minute)
Of course, because THEY CAN and they think they have rules on their side, they voided my bets so stakes = refunded !

In their rules they have this paragraph:
1.2.1.If an Event does not begin on the scheduled start date and is not completed within the originally scheduled completion date prescribed in the specific sports rules, then all bets will be void, except for those on Markets that have been unconditionally determined.
I had OVER 2.5 and at 0:3 score the bet shoud be settled as WON no matter what the outcome of the game
Bets unconditionally determined = bets that were already determined in the moment of the game was abandoned, without any other condition to be meet.

I ask you guys, did you have in the past a similar problem with them, with these "abandoned games" ?

From my point of view I find out totally unfair to VOID a bet that was already a WIN just because the game was abandoned
I mean I pay for information, it took time to analyse the game and they come with an ambiguous rule to VOID the bet because they have the power to do it.

BTW, a friend of mine, has the same bet OVER 2.5 for the game in bet365 and guess what, they settled as WIN :)
So how bet365 could settle with 0:3 final score and 12bet not ?

Hope you'll post your point of view, because I am really pissed off on this 12bet issue.
I also want to express my point of view in SBR forum because I find totally unacceptable what happened

I am wondering how it was if I made 10 000 EUR bets on OVER 2.5 in 12bet and lay them in betfair
12bet = void = 0 EUR (instead of let's say 10.200 EUR in case of WIN) 
betfair = lets's say -9900 EUR
NET LOSS : -9900 EUR !!!

I will really appreciate if you come with some solid opinions about my problem.

All the best,
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Re: 12bet abandoned game - bets voided = refunded

Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:34 am

same match yesterday: Admiralbet (Austria) voided my CS 1:0 and smarkets rated as Winner - so for me it was a nice game :)

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