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Arbusers attitude against well known crooks

Respect the rules. If you don't like them go elsewhere.
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Arbusers attitude against well known crooks

Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:00 pm

As you know very well, the gambling industry is not a Monastery. There are many crooks around and most of them know very well how to mum their faces. These people are deceiving again and again.
Unfortunately, many members of our community and especially those with limited experiences became victims of such crooks. It was very natural that these members reported these crooks here in the forum, explaining the ways that they use to decieve and eventualy steal money.

Even though it is more than obvious that these crooks operate in a malicious way, they have the ''tact'' to contact and blackmail me for defamatory posts that members of our forum posted. This has been the case many times, when a member of our forum reports a slow pay, a no pay, or a poor service situation. If you notice the removal of any ''weird'' thread, it is because i received a blackmail of this kind. What is more? These crooks might challenge me by reproducing this post elsewhere. A reproduce of this post elsewhere, is a clear sign that it was conducted by a member of these, let me call them, ''gangs'' and will result a delete of his account.
Unfortunately, I dont have the time to confront all these bastards in court. If i spent 2-3 days to confront any of these crooks, i will lose a lot of money, simply because i will be away from the computer, not to mention away from home.
Therefore, my dearest friends, if you mess with these kind of bastards, i will not be your guardian angel.

There is a logo on top of this page: If it is not in arbusers, it doesn't exist.
I strongly suggest that you use the products and services that you see here in arbusers.
If you are not sure about a service, or if this service is not covered here, I suggest you ask the forum first before you pay for it.

For my protection, I keep all these threads in safe places and will use them if needed.
The T&Cs of our forum upon registration are an other weapon that I have.

In any case, I understand that some of you, would like to spread money out of the window, or in the fireplace. If this is the case, I can suggest some well deserved charities.

Thank you for understanding.
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