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Medical Supply Arbitrage

Make bookmakers cash cow machines
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Has experienceHas experience
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Medical Supply Arbitrage

Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:45 pm

Saw this on a news blog this morning. Perfect example of the innumerable (though potentially unethical) arbitrage opportunities around us every day.

$800 for a pain patch?
A reader writes:
A hospice in Georgia has been charging $800 for a pain patch for dying patients. The hospice reports that Medicare does not pay for pain relief patches for dying patients.
The same patch can be bought in a nearby supermarket, 5 patches for $70.00.

Knowing the system here they probably charged for application of the patch also.
In Arbitrage, Percentages are Vanity and Turnover is Sanity.
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Gaining experience
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Re: Medical Supply Arbitrage

Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:20 pm

bri999 wrote: ????????????????????

what's this go to do with arbing? I thought this was an "arb" forum for arbers who are trying to make money from bookmakers or maybe financial markets, nonsense about medical supplies? does post's like this have a place on this forum? is anyone on this forum going to benefit from Lansky's post?
Lansky's posts have something that expands my horizons. I'm not going to arb on medical supplies or anything like that (yea, it does seem to be unethical to me) but knowing that things like that exist is interesting (even if perhaps the example is exaggerated) and makes me more aware of the opportunities that are out there...
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Gaining experience
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Re: Medical Supply Arbitrage

Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:09 pm

Sorry Bri999 no disrespect but if a newbie who wants to start arbing and then quits just because Lanksy said some points there then he's better off not arbing then.
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Gaining experience
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Re: Medical Supply Arbitrage

Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:30 pm

I think your totally overlooking the dark humour of lansky. Of everyone's posts, lanskys, yngwie, arbusers, muchbets and qbets are full of interesting insights or rib tickling banter. The silver market thread was started again cause lansky had little response from his first post, an interesting realization I've thought of recently are the amount of people who are making money by arbing, but don't even know its called arbing. Now that's a head banger, they discovered it by there own intelligence and never knew/know how popular it is. Some may have googled and even be a member of this forum, but just read rather than contribute, laughing at our bickerings and comments. A bit like when yngwie, thought his profit was v high til he saw the 250 k a quarter player. I think of the two chaps in the Viet jungle who Hid there after the family was wiped out by napalm, the only person who knew of their existence was the son/brother of them. I apologize in advance if I'm talking poo :-)

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