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Polish bookies

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Gaining experience
Gaining experience
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Polish bookies

Thu May 10, 2012 8:32 pm

Does anyone know about those books from Poland if they limit or not and how much ?
Fortuna PL , Milenium , totolotek , STS.

Thanks for the help.
Gaining experience
Gaining experience
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Re: Polish bookies

Fri May 11, 2012 5:29 am

Hi. I can tell you that they are useless. Odds are terrible. I give you example: Amines - Reims UO 2.5 1.80 - 1.80 but do not forget that you need to aply tax into your STAKE which is 12% so let bet 100e.. It would give a real odd 1.584 - 1.584! Probably you could find some good odds as they are all very slow in moving lines but it will not happen very often. I am not sure if you can register outside from Poland. And not every one of them have internet licence yet.

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