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Reload Bonuses and money back offer from different bookies during the year.

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Reload Bonuses and money back offer from different bookies during the year.

Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:12 pm

Hello there i am a new member, this site is great and very helpfull  :D

I ve been a bonus scalper a year.. and i made a profit of 2000-3000 euros.. i saved those money because during this global economic crysis .

But the selections reduced because i used all of the sign up bonuses and now i am using an id passport from my friend, but its not the same, i must cut in half the profit to me and to him  :-\

But as my budget increased i discover some bookies that they give reload bonuses every week or a month, if you loose some bets, or just for reload.. the bonuses are percentege from 10-30 %

Such bookies are

1 Offsidebet gives bonus every tuesday reload up to 10 percent.. up to 300 euros

2. Redkings gives cash back 30 percent every month in your net loses.

In this case you trade with betfair, play a bet in redkings that you thing it would not come, for example real madrid-barcelona under , you lay the betfair the under and if you loose it counts as a loosing bet.

The promblem with betfair is that they take to many commisions. Its like you pay a tax.

But if this keeps up with the commision in you will make a profit of 200-300 euros a month and 3000-4000 euros a year

These bookies are not just the famous as the big bookies but they are reliable. Notice that the profit you will make depends on how much you lose in those bookies .This is just an illusion because you lay those bets.Redkings is available in arbalerts so you can find some arbs such as mathbet .com
But offside bet not. Also their odds are not that good and the difference from laying with betfair will cost you enough but not to much..

Also these actions depends on the budget that yu have,as your budget handles the most profit you make.

But if you win to much in those bookies they soore limit you.

I also see many cash backs in usa bookies that aproves european players, but in nfl games and basket games that i have no idea ;D

so post here bookies that offer reload bonuses during the year
Gaining experience
Gaining experience
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Re: Reload Bonuses and money back offer from different bookies during the year.

Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:59 am

30% from redkings???

Thought it was 20%

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