A stake returned calculator is used in order to secure the maximum possible profit from a real cash bonus offered by a bookmaker, by backing a bet on the same bookmaker, while laying it on an exchange. Ideally, provided that your bankroll and the liquidity of the exchange are enough, you should back a bet on a bookmaker at the highest possible odds and lay it at the lowest possible odds on an exchange.

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What is Stake Returned Free Bet

Almost every bookmaker offers a bonus for new bettors. It can be for signing up on their site or making a deposit. Usually, it comes in the form of a real cash bonus for the bets selected by the bookmaker.

But there are two types of bonuses available:

  • stake returned free bets
  • stake not returned free bets

When you get a stake returned free bet, and you win the bet, you get a return that includes the initial free stake. For example, you get $20, and you need to use it for a bet with odds of 2. If you win the bet, you get a return of $40 ($20 profit + $20 stake).

When you get a stake not returned free bet, and you win the bet, you get a return that includes only the profit. Taking the example above, it would be $20. Your initial stake is not returned.

Why You Need Stake Returned Free Bet Calculator

Smart bettors came up with a way how to take advantage of bonuses offered by the bookmakers. They place the free bet at the bookmaker’s website and then lay it on an exchange with lower odds.

While the free bet you got from the bookmaker covers the betting that something will happen (e.g., your home team will win), the lay bet covers the opposite outcome (your home team will lose, or there will be a draw). Thus, making both bets, you include all the outcomes. It works best when your lay bet has low odds.

Of course, to maximize profits and eliminate the risks, you need to know precisely how much to lay on the exchange. That’s why you need a Stake Returned Free Bet Calculator – to do the calculating for you.

How to Use Arbusers Stake Returned Calculator

STEP #1: Enter the Bet Amount.

STEP #2: Enter the Back Odds – the decimal odds of your bet. You can convert different types of odds to decimal odds here.

STEP #3: Enter the Lay Odds – the decimal odds of your lay bet on the exchange. You’ll find it on the exchange or, in some cases, will need to decide on it yourself.

STEP #4: Select the commission of your lay bet. You will find it on the exchange as well.

STEP #5: Press Recalculate.

You’ll get two numbers:

  • lay stake
  • profit/loss

The lay stake is the optimal size of your lay bet based on the submitted odds. Make the lay bet of this size to maximize profits and minimize the risks.

The profit/loss refers to how much you’d win or lose from your lay bet. It’s equal to your lay stake, minus the commission.

Don’t fear the loss part, though. If you lose the lay bet, you win the back one. That’s the beauty of match betting. And with the stake returned free bets, your back bet was already covered for you. Thus, you only win or don’t lose.

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