A stake not returned calculator is used in order to secure the maximum possible profit from a free bet offered by a bookmaker when only the winnings (and not the free bet) will be returned to you, by backing a bet on the same bookmaker, while laying it on an exchange. Ideally, provided that your bankroll and the liquidity of the exchange are enough, you should back a bet on a bookmaker at the highest possible odds and lay it at the lowest possible odds on an exchange.

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Lay Stake

What is Stake NOT Returned Free Bet

There are 2 types of free bets offered by bookmakers:

  • stake returned free bets
  • stake not returned free bets

Both refer to free bonus money you get from the bookmaker. It can be a sign-up offer or an incentive celebrating a special occasion. Either way, you can use such a bonus for one bet only, and you can only play the odds within the range selected by the bookmaker, e.g., between 1.2 and 3.

What differs, though, is what you get if you win that bet.

  • When it’s a stake returned free bet, you get the winnings, plus the initial stake is returned. For example, if it was $20 bet with odds of 2, you get $40 ($20 winnings + $20 initial stake).
  • When it’s a stake NOT returned free bet, you get only the winnings. Taking the same example, you’d get $20. The initial stake, another $20, goes back to the bookmaker.

Why You Need Stake Not Returned Free Bet Calculator

Many bettors use the free bets for match betting: they place the free bet at the bookmaker’s website and place a lay bet on the exchange. This way, they either win or lose very little (or not at all). And you can do it too.

Grab the bookmaker’s bonus offer and calculate how much you should lay on the exchange. It’s easy and instant to count it with our Stake Not Returned Free Bet Calculator.

Got a stake returned free bet instead? Calculate your lay bet and profits here.

How to Use Arbusers Stake Not Returned Free Bet Calculator

STEP #1: Enter the Bet Amount – the stake not returned free bet you get from the bookmaker.

STEP #2: Enter the Back Odds. The Arbusers’ calculators use decimal odds. If you prefer other types of odds, you can convert them to decimal form using our Odds Converter.

STEP #3: Enter the Lay Odds. You’ll find this number on the exchange or will need to decide on the odds yourself. Lower lay odds are better for you.

STEP #4: Select the Lay Commission (from 0 to 7%). It’s a good idea to find an exchange with the lowest commission.

STEP #5: Press Recalculate.

What you see now are two numbers: Lay Stake and Profit/Loss.

The Lay Stake is what you should lay on the exchange. The calculator takes into account the odds and commission and presents you with the optimal stake. It’s meant to maximize the potential profits while minimizing the losses.

Meanwhile, the Profit/Loss shows precisely that – the profit or loss of your bets. You’d get the profit of the lay bet, or the loss of lay bet would be covered by the winning of your stake not returned free bet.

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