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Draw No Bet explained

What is Draw No Bet

It is a sport betting option in which a player can bet on a betting event without worrying if the match finishes in a draw. When you bet on a Draw No Bet selection, only one of the following 3 things could happen:

  1. Your team wins and you are getting paid the amount you bet multiplied by the odds 
  2. The opposite team wins and you lose your bet
  3. The match ends in draw and you get back your money.

Let’s give an example. Bob wants to bet on a football match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. He believes that Real Madrid will win the match but he is worried that maybe it will finish in draw. He doesn’t want to bet on a 1X outcome because the odds are very low. He finds out that a Draw No Bet (DNB1) on Real Madrid is offered at 1.85 odds. He likes the odds that he sees and decides to place the bet for 100 euro. So, lets see what he gets in every scenario:

  1. Real Madrid wins the match. He is getting paid 1.85×100 euro = 185 euro
  2. Bayern Munich wins the match. He has completely lost his bet and his 100 euro
  3. The match ends in draw. He gets back his 100 euro.


Draw No Bet and Asian Handicap

This type of bet is a very straight forward and ”easy” betting selection because the player eliminates the risk of losing in a draw event. You can find this selection of bets in many bookmakers with the following letters: DNB1 or DNB2. Some bookmakers (mostly the Asians) use the following symbols for a Draw No Bet selection: AH1(0) or AH2(0). The symbols mean Asian Handicap(0) for Team1 and Asian Handicap(0) of Team2. In reality DNB and Asian Handicap (0) is the same bet expressed in a different format.

One more thing to consider is that in this type of bets, the odds are always lower than a straight bet on Home or Away win.

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